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If you’re looking for hard anodized cookware and want to look towards Belgique to do it, you’ll find that their most popular set is the ‘Tools of the Trade’ 14-piece cookware set. This set does come in 14 pieces but, that does include the lids so know that you’ll really only be getting seven pots in total. But still, at $159.99 it’s still one of the cheapest hard anodized cookware set that you can find.

In the set, you’ll receive a small, medium, and large saucepot, along with a large and small skillet, a stock pot, and a double boiler! And, the double boiler easily turns into a canning pot for all of those cooks who like to make preserves and other canned goods. The bigger pots, as well as the large skillet, both have double handles on the sides so that they are easy to take from one place to another, and all of their lids have handles too. Plus, the lids are clear so you don’t have to take them off and lose any of that precious heat when you’re cooking with them! The lids also have holes in them that will allow excess steam to breathe through, and will also let you drain the pot if you need to, without dirtying up any other dishes.

Of course, these pots and pans are all made from hard anodized cookware, which is aluminium that has been put through the anodization process to make them non-stick. But because they’re still made from aluminium, you’ll still get all the quick and even cooking that you’re used to with aluminium pots and pans!

Some of the things that users love most about this set is that it’s extremely resistant to scratching and cleans easily, which is very important since you should never put these gorgeous pieces in the dishwasher. Some users did find that the handles warmed up very quickly, making it very hard to move the pots and pans around the stove while you’re cooking. Others have also found that the bottoms wore out very quickly, while others raved about how well the bottoms held up during cooking.

The Tools of the Trade hard anodized cookware set from Belgique is a great set to use to cook all of your favorite food. And, the best thing about it is that it’s priced much lower than other more expensive cookware sets.

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