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There are a few things that make the Technique line of hard anodized cookware different than any other line that you’ve ever heard about. The first thing that’s different about this set is that they can go in the dishwasher – which is almost unheard of in hard anodized cookware. They are also coated in a Dupont Teflon ScratchGuard non-stick coating, which is said to be five times more resistant to scratching and peeling than any other kind of non-stick coating. In fact, even though it’s Teflon, you can even use metal utensils with this cookware. However, because it’s still a coating, we don’t recommend it and you should actually be wary of any hard anodized cookware that comes with a coating on the surface.

The set comes with: a 1 ½ quart saucepan, with lid; a 3 quart saucepan, with lid; a 6 quart stockpot, with lid; a 5 quart Dutch oven, with lid; an 8 inch skillet; and a 10 inch skillet with lid. The fact that there’s a stockpot as well as a Dutch oven in this set is also quite unusual as most cookware sets, both hard anodized and non-anodized, only come with one or the other. However, the fact that it’s only a 6 quart stockpot is somewhat disconcerting, because you won’t be able to make very large batches of food with it.

The set of Technique hard anodized cookware is also quite heavy. Some think that this is a sign of quality and while it’s true that quality cookware does have some weight to it, it’s also important to realize that they shouldn’t be too heavy because you will have to transfer, move, and carry the cookware around. And, hard anodized cookware really is just aluminium that’s been put through the hard anodization process; and aluminium is one of the lightest materials that you could cook with. So when a set is as heavy as this, it’s a good idea to ask why, and if there’s a lighter set of hard anodized cookware available.

The lids in this set are all glass with steam vents so you don’t have to open them up and let that steam escape, that you so badly need; and they all also come with handles. These handles are higher than you’ll find on other pots and pans, which means that your knuckles and fingers won’t hit that hot lid and get burned. Another really great feature of these pots and pans is that they all have hang-holes at the end of the long stainless steel handles. This is great for storage because you can hang your pots and pans up in your kitchen – which is beautiful, and space-saving!

A drawback to the Technique hard anodized cookware is the price. This set costs about $200, no matter where you go, which is at the top of the price range for this kind of cookware, especially when you consider that it comes with a coating that may force you to replace at least a couple of pieces within the set.

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